NEW Bilateral Nasal Specific – LIVE June 2 and 3, 2018



TAUGHT BY: André Saine, D.C., N.D., F.C.A.H.
DATES: June 2 to and 3, 2018 

ASK FOR A COUPON : $175 for 2016-2018 graduates and $125 for students.

Modified Nasal Specifics consists of the principles and practice of manipulation of the facial and cranial bones, as Dr. Saine learned it at NCNM in 1981 from Dr. Richard Stober who practiced it for over 35 years. In the first 4 hours of this course, we will overview the history of cranial manipulation and of this treatment in particular, the anatomy of the cranium and meninges, examination of the patient, method, indications, contraindications, and numerous case histories and testimonials. The rest of the course will be dedicated to demonstration, practice and one to one supervision. By the end of the course, every participant will have been supervised and should return to their practice fully competent to apply this treatment.

Dr. Stober was not the developer of this treatment but he practiced it almost exclusively in his Portland practice, which was dedicated mostly to handicapped children, particularly the ones with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, adenoid facies, autism, mutism, deafness, blindness, mental retardation, ADHD, and the ones with learning, behavior and growth problems. This treatment is particularly applicable to patients with a history of head, nose or facial injury (birth trauma, concussions, dental work, etc.), facial asymmetry, Bell’s palsy, temporomandibular joint problems, malocclusion, postural and structural problems, sinusitis, chronic headaches, chronic nasal obstruction, deviated septum, snoring, sleep apnea, vertigo, tinnitus, strabismus, glaucoma, etc. If you intend to learn this treatment make a point to attend this year’s course, as it may not be offered again for some years. You will be asked you to buy your own equipment once you have registered.

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