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IHSG: The International Hahnemannian Study Group challenges homeopaths practicing pure homeopathy to preserve and advance the practice of this magnificent system of medicine. This webinar series is targeted for advanced homeopaths seeking to master pure homeopathy while collaborating with their peers. Taught from 2009-present, IHSG was conceived as an international study group to increase the proficiency of homeopathic practitioners worldwide. Its focus is on improving the practice of homeopathy through study and discussion of numerous paper cases—some from old masters of homeopathy, some difficult cases submitted by students. Analysis is discussed at length to construct the “genius” of the case, repertorization is illustrated using MacRepertory, comparative materia medica is studied in detail (i.e., differential diagnosis of possible remedies for each case), as is potency and posology. Particular subjects or themes are addressed and which are supported by numerous relevant articles and books, or to aspects of the case that might make it difficult to resolve. Follow-ups on the live patients are done throughout the year so progress can be assessed and management of the cases over time can be illustrated. Homework is given and reviewed in the following meeting. Questions and answers from the students are included. Each webinar in the series was 2 hours in duration. Some years have 9 webinars, some have 3 webinars.

From 2015 forward, Dr. Saine focuses on treatment of patients with cancer—past successes by the “old masters” and current strategies. While realizing that not every practitioner wants to treat cancer patients, he reasons that if we learn about how to successfully treat cancer patients, those skills will lend themselves to the treatment of patients with any other diseases, because treating cancer patients is the most challenging of all.


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