Illustrated Comparative Materia Medica Pura

Illustrated Comparative Materia Medica (ICMMP): Exclusively devoted to the study of the Materia Medica, this course was taught live in Montreal from 2006-2013 (and continued in 2014 as the webinar series of the Materia Medica Pura Project (MMPP)). The remedies taught are from the newly completed work emerging from the MMPP (see further info on this website at: homeopathy.ca/research-development/materia-medica-pura-project-and-repertory/)

This course is designed as the study of the most prescribed 12 acute and 12 chronic remedies. Close to 600 other remedies are compared to one of these 24 remedies in the same fashion as how Hering taught the materia medica – with the diagnostic method. At first the remedies were briefly reviewed until we realized that a lot of information that was imbedded in our literature was not available to practitioners. That is when the MMPP began and the series of materia medica lectures continued, but this time by reviewing the entire literature of each remedy being taught. Over the years as this course evolved, fewer remedies are taught at each session but each remedy has been updated and expanded after an exhaustive review of the vast homeopathic literature and is therefore presented in greater depth, often with pictures that are completely new to the profession. With the updating of each remedy the corresponding update to the repertory is also done! With each remedy covered, particular attention is paid to the most characteristic aspects of the proving and cured symptoms, and particularly to the genius of the remedy.

Many cured cases highlight important aspects of each remedy in addition to a live patient seen in class for a 3-5 hour case-taking. The students then work on the case at home and the next day Dr. Saine goes through, step by step, how to construct the genius of the case, the hierarchy of symptoms, differential material medica, posology.

All agree that by expanding one’s repertoire of remedies greatly improves prescribing!


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