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CACM- The main intent of this course (Case Analysis and Case Management) is the refinement of the physician’s prescribing skills in the practice of pure homeopathy. Case analysis and case management are the best ways to really test one’s knowledge of medicine in general and homeopathy in particular. The course is like a mini but intensive internship and a good way to test our know-how as homeopathic practitioners and see what needs to be reinforced, such as case taking, case analysis, knowledge of the repertory, differential materia medica, etc.

Questions, such as what is most peculiar, what is the simillimum, differential materia medica, what is the best posology to adopt, how do we interpret the patient’s response to the remedy, and what is the prognosis, must be answered in every case. We will explore these questions in depth using both live and paper cases. A live case is taken mid-week to illustrate: case taking, finding the genius of the case (case analysis), differentiating possible remedies, remedy selection and posology. Students work on the case for homework and analysis is done the following day.


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