A 7-Day Online Course with Dr. André Saine

Pure Homeopathy with Cases with Severe Pathologies and the presentation of Four New  Materia Medica Monographs

From September 28th, 2020 to October 6th, 2020

An international online course will be held this year instead of the annual one-week course that Dr. André Saine has given in Niendorf, Germany for the last 15 years. The advantage of this new format is that many more homeopaths from around the world will be able to benefit from his extraordinary knowledge and his great success in the treatment of patients presenting with the most severe pathologies. In addition, he will present four new remedy monographs with immediate practical applications for any patient but more particularly for  patients with cancer and other serious pathologies, including Covid19.

This 7-Day ONLINE course includes:

– A scholarly approach to the dangers and the many long-term health ramifications of the effects of vaccination.
– Masterly lectures of four new monographs which should open new perspectives in your practice and improve your clinical success right away!!
– The importance of prescribing according to the genius of a disease and a remedy, and thus abiding to the rule of sine qua nan.
– A great opportunity to see how the Materia Medica Pura Project is spearheading the way to the future of homeopathy, facilitating its practice by upgrading our materia medica and repertories.
– Demonstration of a systematic way to take a case followed by a detailed and precise case analysis.
– A challenge to find the curative remedy in a patient with a very severe acute Lyme disease and recurrent skin cancer.
– A demonstration on how to manage the posology in a patient with an incurable disease with the same remedy repeated often over many years.
– An Introduction to the concept of radical cures and on how to obtain them in practice.
– The illustration of a very simple approach that can help to reverse neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease
And more…

Technical & practical aspects of this course:

– Daily recordings of the course will be available, so anyone can follow it regardless of the time zone. Registrants will receive a daily link to access the recordings.
– It will be possible to ask questions via chat.
– The course is suitable for experienced homeopaths as well as for beginners; everyone will be able to benefit in their own way.
– The course language is English.

You may book one or more courses by simply clicking on the day(s) your are interested (Please note you can only add one course at a time to your cart).

If you purchase the course in it’s entirety (7-day) you will receive it at a discount rate (See below).

*All times are in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone.(1) *
*All prices are in US Dollars.*
** If you are a member of the GHA or from these following countries: Eastern Europe, Turkey, Greece, Balkans, Russia, Israel, Middle East, other Arab Countries, China, North Africa, South Africa, India, Latin America and the Caribbean, you are eligible for a discount, kindly send an email to kerstin.kotschenreuther@gmail.com.**





This 7-day course will be held over a 9-day period (there is no course on the weekend of October 3 and 4).

  • DAY 1: Monday, Sept. 28: Vaccination viewed from a wholistic perspective—Do your own thinking, but first inform yourself.
  • DAY 2: Tuesday, Sept. 29: The materia medica of Symphytum (a newly upgraded monograph); Radical cures—The promised land of medicine and how to obtain them.
  • DAY 3: Wednesday, Sept. 30: Summary of the genius of Bryonia; follow-up of a case with breast and ovarian cancer taken live during the Niendorf 2019 course, (you will receive in advance the full case for self-study); the materia medica of Sabal serrulata (a newly upgraded monograph).
  • DAY 4: Thursday, Oct. 1: The materia medica of Carboneum oxygenisatum, the “silent killer” and “great imitator,” a newly upgraded monograph with a recent proving and its clinical indications in Covid-19 cases and patients with severe pathologies; case study of a patient with very severe acute Lyme disease and recurrent basal cell carcinoma.
  • DAY 5: Friday, October 2: Live case of one of Dr. Saine’s new patients likely presenting with a serious pathology, such as late stage cancer.
  • DAY 6: Monday, October 5: Analysis of the live case taken on Friday: follow Dr. Saine’s unique detailed way of case analysis and differentiating materia medica; “If you are only, you are not” (2): In this section, Dr. Saine will discuss how to detoxify the body from aluminum in a very simple way, which could be applicable to other toxic heavy metals.
  • DAY 7: Tuesday, October 6: Hecla lava (a newly upgraded monograph); case study of a patient with an “incurable” condition, retinitis pigmentosa and a four year follow-up.
  For optimal learning, case studies will be sent to the participants in advance.


1 For other countries: India = 5.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.; USA/Canada (West Coast) = 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.; Australia (East Coast) = 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

 2 Dr. Pierre Schmidt used to say to his students, “If you are only, you are not”—which meant that if you only study homeopathy, you should not consider yourself a homeopath, as the practice of genuine homeopathy includes a general knowledge of medicine, including lifestyle medicine. In this section, If you are only, you are not, Dr. Saine has in the past pointed out the importance of health conducing approaches and alternative practices, such as hydrotherapy or cranial manipulation, and how to integrate them in the day to day care of patients with genuine homeopathy.

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