Case Management of the COVID-19 Patient with Genuine Homeopathy—An update

Please find below the full recording, the webinar notes and the repertorization of the different stages of COVID-19 from the May 2nd (2020) webinar.

Recording of the May 2nd webinar: CLICK HERE

Webinar notes of the May 2nd webinar: CLICK HERE

Repertorizations of the difference stages of COVID-19: CLICK HERE

Case Management of the Influenza and
Pneumonia Patient with Homeopathy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Please find below the full recordings, the webinar notes and other documents from the March 28th and April 4th (2020) webinars.

Recording of the March 28th webinar: CLICK HERE

Recording of the April 4th webinar sponsored by the American Institute of Homeopathy: CLICK HERE

Webinar notes: CLICK HERE The previous update was in red and the latest is in blue.  (last updated April  12th at 9pm EDT)

The materia medica of Carboneum oxygenisatum and the similarities of the pathology of Covid and carbon monoxide poisoning: CLICK HERE

In the last 200 years, a small number of homeopaths have achieved clinical results that are unprecedented in the entire history of medicine.

Hahnemann, Lippe, Bœnninghausen, Wells, Hering, Dunham, Guernsey, Nash, Wilson, Taylor, Yingling and others are just a few of these remarkable giants of medicine, the great homeopaths of the past. Their writings, their results and their clinical approach have been the focus of Dr. Andre Saine’s life’s work for more than 30 years and they are the focus of the resources available through the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy (CAH) and this website.

Homeopathic Online Education

The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy offers an homeopathic training for health care professionals that provides a solid foundation in the principles of pure homeopathy as practiced by the great masters of the past.

The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy (CAH) is a homeopathy school founded in 1986 by a group of naturopathic physicians eager to provide training in homeopathy of the highest level and standards. Since that time, the Academy has offered four postgraduate fellowship programs in homeopathy of three years duration, a postgraduate residency program in homeopathy, a research program and a program of continuing homeopathic education for homeopaths around the world.

The resources on this site will provide practitioners with a foundation unparalleled in homeopathy, beginning with history and philosophy, then case taking, case analysis, repertorization, the prescription, follow-up and extensive comparative materia medica.



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In 2020, we continue to focus on the homeopathic treatment of the cancer patient, as it is a real challenge and any acquirement of mastery on this subject should be applicable to the rest of the practice of homeopathy.
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In 2020, we continue to concentrate on remedies that are often indicated in cancer patients.
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